CEO's Message

Mr. Waleed Ahmed (Chief Executive Officer)

Our journey started with a big idea – combining my experience in the pharmaceutical industry with creative engineering solutions. I left my own pharma business with the mission of creating an engineering company that would provide solutions to the design engineers along with end users. I noticed that no one else was doing this kind of work in our country, and that’s when the journey began which led to the creation of metal forming and fabrication, and Rakers was born. We began small but were all about coming up with new designs and making sure our customers were happy.

As time went on, Rakers became known for working with stainless steel, and we made a name for ourselves by being excellent at what we do. We made advanced solutions for big industries in Pakistan and set high standards for quality.

Today, Rakers has become one of the premier suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment and storage solutions through our our broad range of represented products and solutions. However, this is just a milestone in our journey. We aim to be more than just a supplier as we aspire to be the trusted partner in research activities.

Our goal is to actively participate in research, not only by providing products but also by sharing our knowledge, research methods, and the most effective ways to conduct experiments. We are committed to finding better ways for our clients to access the materials they need for their research.

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